Sunday, October 18, 2009

Classroom Decor

I have been meaning to share these pictures for a while now but just got around to it. These are pictures of a few ways I have used my Cricut Expression in my classroom. The first picture is of my door. I used Zooballoo for the monkeys and vines. I had to do the vines in Design Studio because I wanted them as long as I could. I inked the edges of the vines and added googly eyes to the monkeys. I also used Pooh Font for the words and welded them in Design Studio.

The second picture is of our classroom calendar. The title was created in Design Studio by my daughter, Julia. She used Pooh Font and Zooballoo. I, along with the help of my daughter , Susanna, cut all the animals and numbers using Zooballoo.We stamped the faces using Peachy Keen face stamps! (I know that Columbus Day is not in August but we havn't gotten around to making the other months. School started and there is not nearly as much free time!)

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