Friday, June 17, 2011

You Rock Birthday Cards

Hi Everyone! I can't believe I haven't posted anything this week! It's just been busy, busy!!

Today I do a have a few simple cards that I created a few weeks ago for my boys. They both had a birthday. My oldest turned 22 and my younger son turned 19. Man! That makes me feel old to say that!!

Anyway, they are not little anymore so I didn't want to make anything too young looking. That can be hard to do and even harder because it is for boys. Here is waht I made:

This set was for my oldest son. I tried to make the guitar look like his bass. Although, he informed me that this particular cut is not a bass :)

I cut the guitar from Indie Art Cricut cartridge several times to get all the layers I wanted.

I made this set for my 19 year old son.

All the cuts come from Birthday Bash. Of course, I needed a Peachy Keen Face. I used PK-757 Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed Face Assortment.

I hope to be posting more this coming week. My husband and I have been doing a little remodel and it is taking a little longer than we expected. Hopefully we will be done this weekend.

Thank you all for visiting and Happy Crafting!!


Susan said...

My boys are 23 and 16 and I know exactly what you mean by it being hard to make cards for them. You did a great job though! I take it they are into playing their six strings? lol...same as my boys! It's hard to believe how fast times goes by! Hope you all enjoy the festivities!


Sherrie K. said...

Wow, these are totally rockin cards! Love them both~my boys are 22 and 28 and I can to relate to what you mean. My oldest actually has been playing for along time. He is recording/writing and playing in NY. Loves it! Thanks for sharing~your cards are awesome!
Sherrie K

Rachel said...

Bass or not, I think it's a great card! I like the simplicity of it as it lets the guitar be the center of attention.

Georgiana said...

My son is almost 17 and I think music is the safest and most interesting cut to use. I love both your sets.

Anonymous said...

These are Wonderful! I love them! :-)

Sherrie K. said...

Hi Saundra,
Please stop over to my blog, I have an award for you to pick up!
Sherrie K